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A cat who’s lived a tough life will likely find a forever home thanks to a viral post from an animal shelter.

Meet Buster.

Buster is a 6-year-old “big-boned sweetheart” who has been recovering at the Orphan Animal Rescue and Sanctuary in Neenah, Wisconsin.

The rescue posted Buster’s story on Facebook and it has been shared nearly 9,000 times and reached over 400,000 people.

This is what they wrote:

“Hi! I am Buster, and I am a 6 year old big-boned sweetheart. My life has not been easy lately. I likely started as someone’s house cat, but no longer had a home when someone called the humane society about me. By then, I’d been outside for the whole winter, and was in rough shape. Are you ready for this? In February when I was picked up, I had a dislocated hip, broken and infected teeth, ears that were frostbitten, infected, and frozen shut, multiple scabs all over my body, abscesses between my toes, a bald spot / scar on my head from a chemical burn, and a clubbed tail. I have been nursed back to health since February, and just had my final procedure – sedated dental work, so I am really ready to find a home.

I am so loveable and sweet (check out my video in the comments section). I like other cats as well. I have a habit of giving “love bites”, so I would be best in a home with older kids, just in case. I don’t break skin, or bite when I am angry, I just sometimes mouth your hand or arm while you’re petting me. I know I look a little rough, and I know that will likely affect me getting adopted, but if you could please find it in your heart to look past my bald spot, frostbitten ears, and wonky tail, I promise to love you forever.”

An update posted Thursday says applications have been submitted for Buster’s forever home. The rescue is no longer taking applications at this time.

“The amount of love everyone has shown for a cat who is down on his luck and in need of a loving home is a true testament to the good in this world,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.